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Honours and Awards 2019

In recognition of valued service to the educational emancipation movement for Indigenous peoples and the pursuit of dignity, well-being and the reaffirmation that Indigenous peoples, in the exercise of their rights are free from discrimination.

The Order of the Circle of Chiefs of Indigenous Leadership

Hohaia Collier

Laura Horton

The Order of the Circle of Elders of Indigenous Wisdom

Jean South

Teymu Losi 簡阿守

Akawyan Pakawyan 林清美

Obing Nawi郭蔡再妹

The Cooee Indigenous Family and Community Education Resource Centre

The Order of Scholars of Indigenous Knowledge

Berice Anning

Leanne Holt

Peter Buckskin

The Order of Service to Indigenous Education

Anne Leisha

Brittany Kennedy

Dale Robertson

Margie Kennedy

Marion Russell

Vicki-Ann Speechley Golden

Brinley van Issum

 World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium

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