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Executive Board

WINHEC is led by an Executive Board consisting of elected representatives from member nations. WINHEC receives fiscal support from the Hualani Foundation, a nonprofit based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Sean Asikłuk Topkok, PhD

Director of the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies (CXCS)


“Uvaŋa atiġa Asikłuk. Ataataga Sanguk. Aanaga Aileen. Avuaraġa Fred suli Edgar. Aakaga Gussie suli Mary Iḷatga Iiġalugniagvik. Qawiaraġmuiruŋa. My Iñupiaq name is Asikłuk (pronounced ‘A-seek-a-luke’). My parents are the late Clifford and Aileen Topkok of Teller. My white fox name is Dr. Sean Topkok. I am Iñupiaq and Sámi. My family comes from Iiġalugniagvik (place to go fishing), the place name of Teller, Alaska. I am a person of Kawerak.”

Asikłuk worked with the previous director of the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies, Dr. Ray Barnhardt, and the late Dr. Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley since 1997 through the Alaska Rural Systemic Initiative (AKRSI) and the Alaska Native Knowledge Network (ANKN). ANKN is housed in the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies (CXCS), where Dr. Topkok worked as an Indigenous Curriculum Specialist to maintain the ANKN website and other responsibilities.

Topkok started teaching as an adjunct professor at CXCS in 2006. Asikłuk earned his master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Studies at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) in 2010. Topkok earned his PhD in Indigenous Studies in 2015, also at UAF.

In 2014, Topkok became a faculty member within the School of Education, a tenure-track position in the graduate programs. He continued teaching under CXCS in the Indigenous Studies PhD program. In 2020, Dr. Topkok became a full-time faculty member at CXCS, became the Chair for CXCS in 2021. In 2023, Dr. Asikłuk Topkok became the Director for the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies.

Roxanne DeLille

Dean of Indigenous and Academic Affairs


Boozhoo Nindinaawemaaganniidoog (Greetings relatives)

Bushqwa’idahmooqway indaago (The sound of thunder is what I am named after)

Roxanne DeLille indizhnaakawz zhaagaanaashiimowin (Roxanne DeLille is what I am known as in this foreign language)

Waabizheshii indoodem (I am a member of the Martin clan)

Mushkaaziibing indoonjaabaa (I am from Bad River, Wisconsin)

I am a mother, grandmother, auntie and active community member.

Oldest of 10 children, I am very much a contemporary Anishinaabe woman whose life has been divided between reservation and urban areas. Much the same, my education has been divided between the traditional teachings of my people and mainstream education. I have been honored to sit at the feet of many great teachers and have sat in numerous classrooms, always intrigued by the ways in which we come to understand each other. Following the spirits guidance, education was a natural profession.

I am currently the Dean of Indigenous and Academic Affairs at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College in Cloquet, Minnesota, USA, where I was previously a faculty member and taught Communication Studies (Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication) and American Indian Studies for over 20 years. As Dean, I oversee the Anishinaabeg Gikindaasowinan (the peoples way of knowing) programs. I am also an independent consultant, professionally specializing in leadership and relationship dynamics.

Miiew minik gaagigidooyan, miigwetch bizindaawii’ig (Thank you, I have nothing more to say)

Executive Committee



Indigenous Nations Affiliation 


Roxanne DeLille WINHEC Co-Chair Anishinaabe (USA Mainland) Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College
Asikłuk Topkok WINHEC Co-Chair Iñupiaq | Sámi (Alaska) University of Alaska Fairbanks
Berice Anning Deputy Co-Chair  Keinjan | Bidjara | Goomeroi (Australia) University of Technology Sydney
D.K. Bubba Martin Deputy Co-Chair Oneida (Canada) Six Nations Polytechnic
Amy Ahnaughuq Topkok Secretary Iñupiaq (Alaska) University of Alaska Fairbanks
Oddbjørg Hætta Sara Treasurer Sámi (Sápmi) Sámi High School and Reindeer Husbandry School
Keiki Kawaiaea
Walter Kahumoku III
Board of Accreditation | Co-Chairs Hawaii

University of Hawaii Hilo
University of Hawaii West O’ahu

Jolan Hsieh
Boni Robertson
Berice Anning

World Indigenous Research Alliance (WIRA) and WINHEC Journal | Acting Co-ChairsSiraya (Taiwan)
Kabi (Australia)
Keinjan | Bidjara | Goomeroi (Australia)
National Dong Hwa University
Macquarie University
University of Technology Sydney
Vicki-Ann Speechley-Golden
Richard Moves Camp
Global Indigenous Elder Alliance (GIEA) | Co-Chairs Wandandian | Yuin (Australia)
Teton Oglala Lakota (USA Mainland)
Griffith University and Natshihec, Australia
Sinte Gleska University
Vacant Website | Chair

Umi Jensen WINHEC | Membership Representative Hawaii Hualani Foundation

Erika Guttorm Johansen

World Indigenous Nations Youth AllianceSámiSámi High School Karasjohka

 World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium

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