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The Drum Beat

The Drum Beat

Executive Co-chairs' Report 2019

1 Jan 2020 12:00 AM | Anonymous

Greetings to you all the family of WINHEC and WINU. Our anticipation of a joyous reunion in Taiwan in late July – Early August is tempered by the loss of our dear elders Dr. Delbert Horton and Dr. Anne Leisha.

Delbert was the strong support for not only our sister Laura, but for all of the WINHEC family, as he was one of the pillars that helped to progress our collective efforts since the early days of WINHECs formation.

We all had a close and treasured relationship with the ‘big-man’ and are devastated at his passing.

I acknowledge that these are sentiments that would be shared by all of the WINHEC family and many others as this amazing man had the ability to touch each and every heart by his kind and gentle demeanour and his commitment to bringing about change in education for First Nations Peoples, not only in his own homeland, but across the world. Our hearts go out to Laura and family and our wider Canadian community who have hosted us so many times with Delbert there as the rock.



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