maritThe WINHEC Journal is a peer-reviewed publication celebrating Indigenous Knowledges.       As a multidisciplinary publication, the WINHEC Journal is dedicated to the exploration and   advancement of issues related to Indigenous education, research, culture, and language        central to the lives of WINHEC nations and members.

The WINHEC Journal is published in an online format. The WINHEC Annual General    Meeting yearly agrees upon a focus theme for the following Journal Edition.

WINHEC Journal Editor appointed for the period 2014 – 2017 is Associate Professor Marit    B. Henriksen in the Department of Language at Sámi allaskuvla/Sámi University of Applied    Sciences in Guovdageaidnu, Norway.

WINHEC Journal Editions

First Edition was published in 2005. The early Editions of our Journal were published in print. As from the 2011 Edition, we decided to publish only online (pdf-format) through our website.

WINHEC Journal Editions Available Online

We aim to have all Editions available online. Currently, Editions 2008 – 2017 are available:

2018 WINHEC Journal

2013 WINHEC Journal

2012 WINHEC Journal

2011 WINHEC Journal

2010 WINHEC Journal

2009 WINHEC Journal

2008 WINHEC Journal

2007 WINHEC Journal

2006 WINHEC Journal

2005 WINHEC Journal