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The establishment of the World Indigenous Nations University (WINU) was proposed at the meeting of the Executive Board of The World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium (WINHEC) in Cusco, Peru in 2011, and its establishment was approved at the 2012 meeting of that body at Hualien, Taiwan. The basic structure and appointment of inaugural office holders occurred at Crown Point, New Mexico in 2013, and also where inaugural Doctor of Philosophies were conferred on four Indigenous Australian scholars for their collaborative thesis that established the governance, academic and research framework for WINU.

The impassioned plea of Turoa Royal to establish the World Indigenous Nations University (WINU) in Cusco, Peru in 2012


The World Indigenous Nations University (WINU) is a manifestation of Articles 13 and 14 specifically of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), but is also more broadly informed by Articles 5, 35 and 36.

The World Indigenous Nations University is established on the following principles:

  1. That spiritual connectedness is inherent in all activities of the university contributing to individual and community wellbeing.
  2. That Indigenous languages and cultures are treasured ancestral heirlooms.
  3. That Indigenous homelands connect Indigenous peoples to place.
  4. That Indigenous people exercise stewardship towards Indigenous communities.
  5. That Sovereignty is an Indigenous right.

WINU’s Governance Structure is set out in the WINU Constitution and the WINU Operational Handbook and Procedures.

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Members are elected from the WINHEC membership, and with representation from each of WINHEC’s First Nations member countries – Sámi (Norway); Alaska; Canada; Taiwan; Hawaii; Aotearoa (New Zealand); Continental USA; and Australia.

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Global Indigenous Elders Alliance (GIEA)

WINHEC Board of Accreditation

World Indigenous Research Alliance and Journal (WIRA/J) - WINHEC: International Journal of Indigenous Education Scholarship

 World Indigenous Nations University

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