Indigenous Knowledge Research

WINU International Indigenous Education, Research and Engagement Alliance

This is a guide to developing a Memorandum of Unity (MOU) between Indigenous-serving and First Nations educational institutions to form partnerships for the exchange of information and resources where appropriate.

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The World Indigenous Nations University’s (WINU) individual member countries are noted in the WINU Constitution as Education Regions.

They include Aotearoa, Alaska, Australia, Canada, Hawaii, Sami, Taiwan and America. The role of the member countries, through their elected Pro Vice-Chancellor (Regional Academic Director), is to build and maintain a student body within their geographical area and to provide academically rigorous postgraduate research programmes that meet the objectives and goals of the WINU.

The countries, nations, territories and institutions within the member countries’ education regions may constitute their own governance and management structures, in compliance with the WINU objectives and goals.

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 World Indigenous Nations University

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